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The Department of Surgery are proud to offer the new Master of Surgical Research. Please email for all enquiries.

Details of the Thursday Lunchtime Surgical Meetings and the Thursday Evening Barwon Health General Surgical Academic Meetings are updated weekly.

If you are a member of the Department of Surgery your rosters are updated frequently and available to download. - 

Foundation Professor of Surgery was Irwin Faris (1992-1999). Professor David Watters was appointed Professor of Surgery in 2000.  The department became part of the Deakin University Medical School in 2011. Professor Watters is a past President of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

The Department of Surgery is a unit within the Barwon Health Surgical Services Division of University Hospital Geelong and is part of the Deakin University Medical School. Our team includes the Professor of Surgery, the Associate Professor of Surgery, the Deakin Medical School Senior Lecturer and postgraduate study candidates.

Resources to help kick start research projects are available online.  The Geoffrey Royal Prize is awarded annually to a student with the highest marks in surgery. Prof David  Watters, Prof Glenn Guest and A/Prof Douglas Stupart actively supervise Honours projects, Master of Surgery and PhD degrees in the department.

The Department of Surgery has a strong research focus and productive publication output. Some manuscripts are available for download via the Department of Surgery Online Research Repository (ORR). The ORR collection has papers from 1981 to now and PDFs are available for download by those affiliated with the department.

The Department of Surgery is a Unit within the Barwon Health Surgical Services Division. 

See all the study opportunities and courses offered by the school of medicine.

Students are encouraged to apply for Department of Surgery Honours projects directly via the Deakin University 2016 Handbook.

University Hospital Geelong

Department of Surgery

P.O. Box 281

Geelong VIC 3220

Ph 4215 2001  |  Fax 4215 2023

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